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D Schuttler et al, 2022. Comparable Analysis of Acute Changes in Vascular Tone after Coffee versus Energy Drink Consumption, Nutrients, Volume 14 (9).

May 11, 2022


Caffeinated beverages are popular throughout the world, especially due to their stimulating effects on body physiology. However, short- and long-term outcome studies have shown variable results on general health. In this pilot study, we exposed a cohort of 23 healthy individuals to 240 mg of caffeine either in the form of coffee or energy drinks and performed repetitive pulse wave analyses. This experimental approach was chosen to investigate the acute effects of caffeine consumption on vascular tone depending on the form of caffeine intake. Our data indicate that energy drinks, in contrast to coffee, might negatively impact systolic blood pressure and pulse wave velocity. This issue needs special attention in the light of cardiovascular health as the observed effects have been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events upon persistent exposure.


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