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Is coffee a cause or cure for headache?

Last updated December 2019

The associations between coffee and migraine in particular were recently discussed in the media following the publication of a research paper on the topic. The study found there was an association between the number of caffeinated beverages consumed and the odds of having a migraine headache that day [1]. The authors reported that the results varied according to habitual intake and oral contraceptive use [1], indicating the individual variability in reactions.

Some research also suggests that headaches are more frequent in caffeine over-users [2], for example, the Torres-Ferrus et al. study, which was based on an anonymous questionnaire about lifestyle and medical information. The results suggested that headache was more common in girls, teenagers with poor sleeping habits or lower levels of physical activity and in those who did not have breakfast.

However, it is recognised in the research that whilst some people find caffeine triggers their headaches, there are others who use the compound as a cure for the condition3. Caffeine is an ingredient in a lot of widely used headache medications [3,4]. A 2017 review suggested that caffeine significantly improved the efficacy of analgesic medications, such as ibuprofen, in treating migraine3. Caffeine may play a role in pain modulation (management) through its interaction with adenosine receptors [5].

The use of caffeine is recommended by organisations including the American Headache Society for acute treatment of headaches6. However, it seems individual variability also plays a role, as some people report experiencing headache or migraine after caffeine consumption.


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