5th edition – January 2013

Happy New Year and welcome to the latest edition of the Coffee & Health quarterly news bulletin.

We aim to make the Coffee & Health website an interesting and useful resource for your everyday practice, work or research. Over the past year, The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee has continued to develop the website and we have many more developments planned for 2013, with additional topics, new published research, new interactive site features and much more!

Highlights from the World Congress On Diabetes Prevention & Its Complications

At the WCPD congress in Madrid, November 2012, ISIC sponsored a session entitled, Good things in life: Can coffee help in diabetes prevention? Chaired by Dr. Pablo Aschner and Dr. Siamak Bidel, the speakers and topics included:
Dr. Nathan Matusheski – Mondelez International, ‘Mechanistic theories on how coffee might act with regard to diabetes’(click here to view Dr. Matusheski’s presentation and interview)

Professor Jaakko Tuomilehto – University of Helsinki, ‘Latest experiences from coffee intervention trials‘ (click here to view Professor Tuomilehto’s presentation and interview)

Dr. Pilar Riobó Serván – Jiménez Díaz-Capio Hospital, Madrid, ‘Significance of clinical parameters found so far regarding coffee and diabetes‘ (click here to view Dr. Riobó’s presentation and interview)

Professor Edith Feskens – Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition, ‘Coffee and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes – Epidemiological evidence’ (click here to view Professor Feskens’ presentation and interview)

Based on the content from the session, a report of the proceedings was prepared, highlighting the potential role of coffee consumption in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. To view the session report and interviews with each of the speakers, please click here.

To view the leaflet from the conference, please click here.

Coffee consumption may protect against liver cancer in hepatitis c patients

A new study, sponsored by The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) was published in Digestive and Liver Disease. The study assesses the mechanisms underlying the protective effects of coffee consumption, adding to current epidemiological evidence which suggests a protective role of coffee drinking towards cirrhosis development and/or progression to liver cancer.

To view the abstract from this study, please click here.

Keep up-to-date with the latest research

Have you caught up recently with the latest research on Coffee & Health? We regularly publish abstracts of the latest research papers on coffee and health, so you can see at a glance what's new in this area.

Recent studies published include:

Caffeine improves performance of attention tasks

S J L Einother & T Giesbrecht. (2012) Caffeine as an attention enhancer: reviewing existing assumptions. Psychopharmacology.
According to this review, evidence shows that caffeine has clear beneficial effects on attention, and that the effects are even more widespread than previously assumed. For more information, click here.

Coffee inversely associated with oral/pharyngeal cancer mortality
J S Hildebrand et al. (2012) Coffee, Tea, and Fatal Oral/Pharyngeal Cancer in a Large Prospective US Cohort. American Journal of Epidemiology.
In this large prospective study of 968,432 men and women, who were cancer free at enrollment, caffeinated coffee intake was inversely associated with oral/pharyngeal cancer mortality. For more information, click here.

Coffee may lower risk of venous thrombosis
R E Roach et al. (2012) Coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of venous thrombosis which is mediated through haemostatic factor levels. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.
This study provided further support for the body of evidence stating that coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of venous thrombosis and explored the potential mechanisms underlying this protective effect. For more information, click here.

Coffee and heart health

We’re featuring Coffee and Cardiovascular Health as our first quarterly theme for 2013. Over the next three months we’ll be highlighting key content on heart health, as well as developing new resources such as a CVD risk factors overview and expert guest commentary. Watch this space!

Coming soon

We’re continually developing the website to keep it fresh, exciting and interesting. Over the next three months we will be adding new and interactive content, including:

Coffee and heart health vodcast
We’re filming a Vodcast that will look at the relationship between coffee and heart health.

New topics
We are launching a brand new topic on coffee and nutrition, which will give an extensive overview of the data on the nutritional composition of coffee.

Updated topics
We’re updating our pregnancy and diabetes sections to include the latest published research in these fields.

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Coffee & Health is now on Twitter! Our Twitter name is @coffeeandhealth and you can follow us to view and share the latest research and news on coffee, caffeine and health. To follow us, click here. We have also added new social features to the website, which can be found at the bottom of every page. These include options to share each page on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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