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32nd Edition


Welcome to the latest edition of the Coffee & Health quarterly news bulletin, a resource for healthcare professionals and media.


ISIC Symposium
at 13th European Nutrition Conference (FENS 2019)

'Brain Game'

the News’


Eminent experts gathered at the FENS 2019 conference in Dublin, Ireland to discuss the latest research on the topic of coffee and metabolic syndrome (MetS). ISIC hosted a symposium ‘Coffee and Metabolic Syndrome: A review of the latest research’ which was presented by leading researchers Assistant Professor Giuseppe Grosso, University of Catania, Italy and Associate Professor Estefanía Toledo, University of Navarra, Spain. Read the report  here.

ISIC produced an interactive game designed to educate professional audiences on food and beverages associated with cognitive function in a fun and engaging format. The game can be played on the Coffee & Health website here.

The Coffee in the News section of the Coffee & Health website was updated with new topics including Iced Coffee and Nitro Coffee. Read these new topics here.


N Clarke et al, 2019 investigated the effect of coffee ingestion on 5 km cycling time trial performance. Read more here.

J Xu et al, 2019 examined the association between long-term coffee consumption and atrial fibrillation development. Read more here.

Z W Dai et al, 2019 analysed an association between coffee consumption and risk of bladder cancer in a meta-analysis of 16 prospective studies. Read more here.

Y Sun et al, 2019 assessed caffeine intake and the risk of recurrent kidney stones in adults. Read more here.

H R Lieberman et al, 2019 analysed the sleep patterns and daily caffeine intake of shift workers. Read more here.

A T Nordestgaard et al, 2019 examined coffee intake and symptomatic gallstone disease. Read more here.

J W Kim et al, 2019 examined the relationships between coffee intake and decreased amyloid pathology in human brain. Read more here.



In 2020, ISIC's activity will be focused on the themes digestive health,
physical performance and mental wellbeing.
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