Alzheimer Europe vodcasts

Part 1 – Dr Neville Vasallo

Professor Neville Vassallo, a senior lecturer at University of Malta, explores the role nutrition can play in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Part 2 – Dr Arfan Ikram

Professor Arfan Ikram, a professor of epidemiology at Erasmus MC, The Netherlands, reviews the epidemiological evidence for the relationship between coffee consumption and Alzheimer’s Disease. Professor Ikram is leading a four year research project, funded by ISIC, exploring the role of coffee consumption in reducing the risk of dementia development.

Part 3 – Dr. Astrid Nehlig

Dr Astrid Nehlig, a research director from the French National Medical Research Institute (INSERM), explains the potential underlying mechanisms that govern the relationship between coffee consumption and cognitive decline.


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