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Sami dietary habits and the risk of cardiometabolic disease: a systematic review

I K Dahl & C Dalgard, 2021.
Int J Circumpolar Health, Volume 80 (1)
January 19, 2021


This systematic literary review investigates if an association between Sami dietary habits and cardiometabolic outcomes exists, and examines the dietary characteristics and cardiometabolic status of the Sami population. Included were all articles assessing Sami dietary habits and cardiometabolic disease or risk factors. Embase, Medline and SweMed were searched on 26 September 2019 and articles were screened for eligibility in October 2019. Data were extracted according to Moose Guidelines and the Newcastle Ottawa Scale (NOS) was used to assess risk of bias. The initial search generated 4,195 articles in total. Nine articles met all inclusion criteria. Two were cohort studies and seven were cross-sectional. Rating by NOS ranked from 2/7 to 8/9 stars. The studies were largely descriptive and only few had results regarding a direct association between Sami dietary habits and cardiometabolic outcomes. The findings demonstrated no association between consumption of certain Sami food items and blood-lipids or mortality from CVD/CHD. A higher intake of fat, protein, reindeer-meat and coffee and a slightly lower blood pressure and mortality from CVD/CHD was seen among Sami compared with non-Sami. The limited amount and descriptive nature of the eligible articles indicate that research within the field is limited. Thus, additional longitudinal studies are suggested.

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