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Coffee & Health
GI function

Effect of postoperative coffee consumption on gastrointestinal function after abdominal surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

N Eamudomkarn et al, 2018.
Scientific Reports, Volume 8 (1).
November 29, 2018


Coffee is believed to prevent postoperative ileus. This systematic review and meta-analysis was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of coffee consumption in stimulating gastrointestinal function after abdominal surgery. A number of databases for randomized controlled trials comparing coffee consumption following abdominal surgery versus water drinking or no intervention were searched. Cochrane’s Risk of Bias tool was used to assess risk of bias in included studies. Six trials involving 601 participants were included. All studies had high risk of performance bias. Three studies had an unclear risk of selection bias. Postoperative coffee consumption reduced time to first defecation (mean difference (MD), −9.98 hours; 95% CI, −16.97 to −2.99), time to first flatus (MD, −7.14 hours; 95% CI, −10.96 to −3.33), time to first bowel sound (MD, −4.17 hours; 95% CI, −7.88 to −0.47), time to tolerance of solid food (MD, −15.55 hours; 95% CI, −22.83 to −8.27), and length of hospital stay (MD, −0.74 days; 95% CI, −1.14 to −0.33). Benefits increased with increasing complexity of the procedure. None of the included studies reported adverse events associated with coffee consumption. Postoperative coffee consumption is effective and safe for enhancing the recovery of gastrointestinal function after abdominal surgery.

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