Boiled coffee consumption and the risk of prostate cancer: follow-up of 224,234 Norwegian men 20 – 69 years

A Tverdal, 2014
British Journal of Cancer, published online ahead of print
December 18, 2014



There is insufficient epidemiological evidence on the relationship between type of coffee and the risk of prostate cancer.


The risk of prostate cancer by use of boiled vs not boiled coffee were assessed in a prospective study of 224,234 men 20-69 years. 5740 incident prostate cancers were identified.


With no coffee as reference group the hazard ratios of <1-4, 5-8 and 9+ cups per day of boiled coffee only were 0.84 (0.73-0.96), 0.80 (0.70-0.92) and 0.66 (0.55-0.80), P-trend=0.00. The corresponding figures for not boiled coffee were 0.89 (0.80-0.99), 0.91 (0.81-1.02) and 0.86 (0.74-1.00), P-trend=0.22.


An inverse relationship between number of cups per day and the risk of prostate cancer was present only for the boiled coffee type.


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