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Coffee & Health
Sports performance

Association of coffee drinking with physical performance in the oldest-old community-dwelling men The Helsinki Businessmen Study (HBS)

S K Jyvakorpi et al, 2020.
Aging Clinical Experimental Research, published online.
July 9, 2020



Habitual coffee drinking has been associated with lower risk of various chronic diseases linked to poor physical performance.


We explored cross-sectional associations between coffee consumption and physical performance among oldest-old community-dwelling men in the Helsinki Businessmen Study (HBS).


A random sample of HBS survivors (n = 126, mean age 87 years) attended a clinic visit in 2017/2018, including measurements of body composition, physical performance [Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB)], and cognition. Coffee consumption was retrieved from 3-day food diaries.


Coffee consumption was positively associated with higher gait speed (p = 0.003), SPPB score (p = 0.035), and chair rise points (p = 0.043). Association of coffee with gait speed remained after adjustment for age, waist circumference, physical activity, pulse rate, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.


Higher coffee consumption was independently associated with better physical performance reflected as faster gait speed in oldest-old men.

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