Coffee in the News

The topic of coffee and health is regularly featured in news and lifestyle titles around the world. On this page we look at the science behind some of the latest trending topics on coffee and health.

Coffee and hangovers: Coffee has been suggested as a potential remedy for hangovers in the popular media, but is this really the case?

Coffee has been suggested as a potential remedy for hangovers in the popular media, but is this really the case?  Hangovers are a consequence of excessive alcohol consumption. It’s been suggested that hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration, hormonal alterations and toxic effects of alcohol1. Experts have concluded that there is no compelling evidence to […]

When is the best time of day to drink coffee? According to the US army, there is a right time to have a ‘cup of joe’ – and it’s all down to an algorithm

Researchers from the United States army have developed a software tool that makes personal recommendations for timing coffee consumption. This ensures peak levels of alertness, depending on the time of drinking and sleeping. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have confirmed there is indeed a cause and effect relationship between a 75mg serving of caffeine […]

“Bulletproof coffee” is a drink containing coffee and added butter or coconut oil. It has gained popularity through claims that it gives long-lasting energy, boosts concentration and keeps you fuller for longer. But is there any validity to the reports?

Bulletproof coffee is a blend of coffee with butter and other fats including coconut oil. The resulting drink is much higher in calories than a typical cup of coffee, simply because adding fats or oils to foods increases the energy level. While adding fat to coffee will take longer to digest in the body (therefore […]

Advocates of the “coffee nap” drink a cup of coffee before they have a short sleep, as a way to boost energy levels. Find out the science behind the trend here.

A “Coffee nap” – drinking coffee before a short nap of 15-20 minutes – is thought to increase energy because of its effect on adenosine, a compound which promotes sleep. Caffeine and adenosine have similar structures, so caffeine can act as an imposter and block the actions of adenosine, replacing tiredness with feelings of alertness […]

“Mushroom coffee” is a blend of ground coffee with powdered fungus. Fans of the drink say it can increase alertness and boost immunity and cardiovascular function. So what is the science behind the trend?

Mushroom coffee is a combination of coffee and extract of mushroom, which claims to have ‘half the caffeine and double the effects of coffee’. When eaten, mushrooms provide a range of nutrients including potassium and selenium. Coffee contains a number of active compounds, the best known of which is probably caffeine. Caffeine is a mild […]

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