Coffee in the News

The topic of coffee and health is regularly featured in news and lifestyle titles around the world. On this page we look at the science behind some of the latest trending topics on coffee and health.

Coffee and migraine

Is coffee a cause or cure for headache? The associations between coffee and migraine in particular were recently discussed in the media following the publication of a research paper on the topic. The study found there was an association between the number of caffeinated beverages consumed and the odds of having a migraine headache that day1. The authors reported that […]

Coffee and heart health

Newspapers recently reported that up to 25 cups of coffee a day could be safe for heart health, but what are the facts behind these headlines? Media coverage surrounding coffee’s role in heart health can be conflicting, with reports emerging the drink can be bad for the heart, have no effect at all, or could […]

Coffee and weight management

Coffee has recently been lauded in the news as a “potential secret to fighting obesity” (according to the Daily Mail), with headlines claiming that scientists have discovered drinking a cup a day stimulates weight loss. But is this really the case? Recent media coverage has suggested that coffee may play a beneficial role in weight […]

Nitro coffee

Nitro coffee is a new method of serving coffee, but are there any additional health benefits to drinking coffee this way?  Nitro coffee is created by infusing coffee, generally cold brew coffee, with nitrogen gas under pressure. This gives it a creamy head, similar to those on stout style beers. This can be done in […]

Iced coffee

Some media coverage has suggested that the health properties may differ between hot and chilled coffee, is this the case? Iced coffee is a popular choice in summer months providing a chilled alternative to hot drinks. While drinking coffee is associated with an increase in alertness, there is no research to suggest any differences between […]

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