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New report highlights the suggested health benefits of coffee consumption and liver function

June 22, 2016

A new report titled, ‘Coffee consumption and the liver – the potential health benefits’ has been launched today by the British Liver Trust. The report, released to coincide with the UK’s ‘Love Your Liver’ week extensively quotes the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee’s Liver function topic and resources.

In its review of the available scientific evidence, the British Liver Trust invites readers to make their own conclusions, but is of the opinion that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (typically 3-5 cups per day) supports better liver health, especially in those who have liver disease. The Trust is using its report to call for further clinical research into coffee consumption and liver function.

The British Liver Trust says its report provides evidence that:

  • Regularly drinking moderate amounts of coffee may prevent liver cancer – this reduced risk was highlighted by IARC last week following its review of more than 1,000 studies in humans
  • Coffee lowers the risk of other liver conditions including fibrosis (scar tissue that builds up within the liver) and cirrhosis
  • Drinking coffee can slow the progression of liver disease in some patients
  • Beneficial effects have been found however the coffee is prepared – filtered, instant or espresso

“At last, liver physicians have found a lifestyle habit that is good for your liver!” said Professor Graeme Alexander, leading hepatologist and the President of the British Association for the Study of the Liver. “The evidence in this report shows that drinking coffee can protect you from developing liver disease and in addition reduces the risk of progressive disease for those already affected.”

Elke Gerhard-Rieben, ISIC Communication Committee Chair, commented: “The report shines a spotlight on the latest research that suggests coffee contributes to good liver health. This is important given that according to the European Association for the Study of the Liver, approximately 29 million people in the European Union suffer from a chronic liver condition.”


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