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ISIC’s @coffeeandhealth Twitter handle reaches 1000 followers

December 8, 2014

Interest in coffee and health is evidenced by significant Twitter following

The Twitter handle of The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), @coffeeandhealth has reached a landmark 1000 followers.

Its followers include scientists, nutritionists, fitness professionals as well as the wider public and members of the coffee industry. The Coffee and Health profile tweets relevant news, scientific studies and content relating to numerous aspects of coffee and caffeine consumption and health.

The profile has enjoyed strong interactivity with national coffee associations, healthcare professionals, media, medical and health societies and charities. It has grown in popularity as a research resource for balanced and informative posts. It links to the Coffee and Health website, ensuring it shares all the latest updates and news regarding ISIC and coffee and health news.

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Notes to Editors

About ISIC

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) is a not-for-profit organization, established in 1990 and devoted to the study and disclosure of science related to “coffee and health.” Since 2003 ISIC also supports a pan-European education programme, working in partnership with national coffee associations in nine countries to convey current scientific knowledge on “coffee and health” to health care professionals.

ISIC’s activities are focused on:

  • the study of scientific matters related to “coffee and health”
  • the collection and evaluation of studies and scientific information about “coffee and health”
  • the support of independent scientific research on “coffee and health”
  • active dissemination of balanced “coffee and health” scientific evidence and knowledge to a broad range of stakeholders.

ISIC respects scientific research ethics in all its activities. ISIC’s communications are based on sound science and rely on evidence and scientific studies derived from peer-reviewed scientific journals and other publications.

ISIC members are seven of the major European coffee companies: illycaffè, Mondelēz International, Lavazza, Nestlé, Paulig, DE Master Blenders 1753 and Tchibo.


The website is a science-based resource developed for health care and other professional audiences and provides the latest information and research into coffee, caffeine and health.

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