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Coffee & Health launches new web design and content

November 24, 2014

Reorganised design is efficient for different audiences and adapts to a range of mobile devices. Content on coffee in society marks the re- launch.

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) has refreshed its Coffee & Health website, giving users streamlined access to the latest information, research and resources on coffee, caffeine and health.

The homepage features new coffee and caffeine topic landing pages, which provide clear ‘one click’ links to research abstracts, healthcare-specific content, media information and additional content making it easier for users to access a range of information and resources on key topics of interest.  Other new home page highlights include links to latest research abstracts, vodcasts and other interactive resources.

The new website has been developed following feedback from users across Europe, as well as insight from web analytics. To appeal to the increasing number of people who access the site via a mobile or tablet device, the new website features responsive design, to adapt to a range of devices and screen sizes.

Coffee in Society

To mark the launch of the new website design, ISIC has expanded the All About Coffee section of the website to include information on the role of coffee in society. This section of the website contains a variety of information on coffee production and preparation methods, as well as key facts on the composition and nutritional profile of a cup of black coffee.

The new content explores the history of coffee in culture, as well as the pivotal social role it has played in communities around the world. To read more about coffee’s journey from Arabia to Europe and its importance both socially and in the workplace

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