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Coffee consumption and CVD mortality risk to be discussed at EuroPRevent 2015

April 15, 2015

ISIC sponsors satellite symposium on nutrition, coffee and CVD mortality risk

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), a not-for-profit organisation devoted to the study and disclosure of science related to coffee and health, is pleased to announce that it will sponsor a satellite symposium at the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation’s (EACPR) annual congress, EuroPRevent, taking place on 14-16 May in Lisbon, Portugal.

To date, the body of scientific evidence supports an inverse (i.e. favourable) relationship between moderate coffee consumption and cardiovascular health and mortality1,2,3. In addition, a recent meta-analysis4, examined the dose-response associations between coffee consumption and mortality from all causes, CVD and all cancers. It observed a 21% risk reduction for CVD mortality in participants consuming 3 cups of coffee per day, and a 16% risk reduction for all-cause mortality in those consuming 4 cups per day. No association was found between coffee consumption and cancer mortality.

The satellite symposium “Coffee and CVD Mortality” will gather some of the leading researchers in this field to discuss the latest research. It will consider the role of lifestyle factors, epidemiological evidence and the conclusions of meta-analyses.

The symposium will be co-chaired by António Vaz Carneiro of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, and Pedro Marques-Vidal, Secretary of the EACPR’s Prevention, Epidemiology and Population Science Section. Three expert speakers will explore the role nutrition and coffee can play in preventing CVD mortality. Speakers include:

  • Esther Lopez-Garcia, Associate Professor, Universidad Autonoma in Madrid
  • Alicja Wolk, Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, Karolinska Institute
  • Carlo La Vecchia, Chief of Epidemiology, Mario Negri Institute

ISIC’s symposium will be held on the 14th May at 12:45 CET.

For more information on coffee and cardiovascular health, please click here or visit our website

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