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Coffee & Health
Cardiovascular health

Blood homocysteine

Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in the blood and tissues. However, it is not among the twenty amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins, and hence is not found in dietary protein

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Cardiovascular health
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Affects of coffee consumption

  • Intervention studies have shown that high levels of coffee consumption (6-10 cups of coffee per day) increase tHCYs50,51, and tHCYs decrease if regular coffee consumers stop drinking coffee52. However, a study based on 5 cups of espresso a day did not show a significant effect on tHCYs, possibly because of the smaller volume consumed53
  • It has been suggested that caffeine may be partly responsible for the effect of coffee on tHCYs54, but the presence of chlorogenic acid in coffee can also contribute to the effect on homocysteine55

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