Yearly Archives: 2021

Coffee’s impact on sporting performance highlighted

Recent research reveals a range of physical and cognitive benefits that could improve athletes’ performance across sports at this summer’s events With many major sporting events taking place this summer, across multiple disciplines, a review of the latest published research by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee has highlighted the impact that coffee, through […]

New pan-European research reveals double the concern about mental health impact of Lockdown and associated restrictions than physical inactivity

Nearly two thirds (61%) expressed concern about their worsening mood in Lockdown and associated restrictions 1. 34% said they felt more anxious and 28% felt more depressed during Lockdown and associated restrictions 1. Coffee helped lift nearly half (44%) of adult’s negative moods in Lockdown and associated restrictions1. A new pan-European survey funded by the […]

New report explores effect of coffee through our daily sleep and wake cycles

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) published a new report today, titled ‘Coffee and sleep in everyday lives’, authored by Professor Renata Riha, from the Department of Sleep Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. It reviews the latest research into coffee’s effect on sleep and suggests that while drinking coffee early in the […]

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