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S Budhathoki et al, 2014. Coffee intake and risk of colorectal adenoma: the colorectal adenoma study in Tokyo, International Journal of Cancer, published online ahead of print.

ABSTRACT: Coffee is a commonly consumed beverage which contains several potential anti carcinogenic and chemopreventive compounds, and has been hypothesized to have protective effects in colorectal neoplasia. However, the limited available data on coffee consumption in relation to colorectal adenoma (CRA), a precursor lesion to most colorectal cancers, remain largely inconsistent. In this study, we […]

C J Derry et al, 2014. Caffeine as an analgesic adjuvant for acute pain in adults, Cochrane Database Systematic Review, published online ahead of print.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: This is an updated version of the original Cochrane review published in Issue 3, 2012. Caffeine has been added to common analgesics such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin, in the belief that it enhances analgesic efficacy. Evidence to support this belief is limited and often based on invalid comparisons. OBJECTIVES: To assess the […]

J Chen & S Long, 2014, Tea and coffee consumption and risk of laryngeal cancer: a systematic review meta-analysis, PLoS One, published online ahead of print.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Tea and coffee are the most commonly consumed beverages in the worldwide. The relationship between tea and coffee consumption on the risk of laryngeal cancer was still unclear. METHODS: Relevant studies were identified by searching electronic database (Medline and EMBASE) and reviewing the reference lists of relevant articles until Oct. 2013. Observational studies […]

A McCormack et al, 2014, Association of dietary factors with presence and severity of tinnitus in a middle-aged UK population. PLoS One, published online ahead of print.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: The impact of dietary factors on tinnitus has received limited research attention, despite being a considerable concern among people with tinnitus and clinicians. The objective was to examine the link between dietary factors and presence and severity of tinnitus. DESIGN: This study used the UK Biobank resource, a large cross-sectional study of adults […]

R J Park & J D Moon, 2014. Coffee and depression in Korea: the fifth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published online ahead of print.

ABSTRACT: Background/Objectives: There is substantial interest in the health effects of coffee because it is the leading worldwide beverage after water. Existing literature on the connection between depression and coffee is scarce, and studies have yielded inconsistent results. The aim of this study was to examine the association between coffee consumption and depression in the Korean population. Subjects/Methods: We conducted a […]

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