Yearly Archives: 2014

Expert Comment: Can coffee help in type 2 diabetes risk reduction?

Siamak Bidel MD. PhD, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), and Hjelt Institute, University of Helsinki At first, I admit I was surprised when we found out that simple coffee consumption, a daily pleasant lifestyle habit, may help to prevent diabetes later in the life. It seem so easy and hard to believe! But […]

Expert Comment: Dr. Iva Holmerova from Alzheimer Europe

Iva Holmerová, a member of the Steering Committee for this year’s Alzheimer Europe conference, provides background on a lunchtime symposium, sponsored by ISIC, which will explore the role of nutrition in Alzheimer’s Disease prevention.   The role of nutrition is an emerging area in Alzheimer’s research and the potential benefits of drinking coffee, on both a nutritional […]

Expert Comment: Susanna Lindvall from European Parkinson’s Disease Association

Susanna Lindvall, Vice-President of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association, shares her thoughts on possible explanations for the negative association between coffee and Parkinson’s disease for our quarterly news bulletin. New hypothesis regarding coffee consumption in Parkinson’s disease We know from existing literature that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. The explanation for […]

A discussion on coffee consumption and dehydration

A guest post by Dr Sophie Killer There has been a lot of uncertainty over the role of coffee and other caffeinated beverages in hydration. Due to early research showing the short term effect of pure caffeine as a mild dehydrating agent, there appears to be a common assumption that caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, […]